Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ubuntu: Installing a missing ath3k firmware

While trying to prepare a new Ubuntu box to use a new card based on the Atheros chipset, I encounter the following error:
Bluetooth: Firmware file "ath3k-1.fw" not found

According to
ath3k is the Linux Bluetooth driver for Atheros AR3011/AR3012 Bluetooth chipsets.
I saw this blog post:
So I decided to try installing the package linux-firmware which contains the relevant file (I used dlocate to
$ dlocate linux-firmware | grep -i ath3
linux-firmware: /lib/firmware/ath3k-1.fw
or you can find it by searching for ath3k:
$ dlocate ath3k-1.fw
linux-firmware: /lib/firmware/ath3k-1.fw
I just ran:
# apt-get install linux-firmware

and it fixed it by installing the missing firmware file.

Good luck!
Tal Kain