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Standalone IPython using PyInstaller and VirtualEnv

I decided that I want to create a standalone IPython executable that I can distribute. This executable should be: Run as a standalone, even if there is no Python installed on the machine Have all required packages even if they aren't installed on the machine Doesn't have extra packages in it (just what needed) Single executable (no shared objects) In order to achieve this task I used PyInstaller , which according to this StackOverflow post  seems like one of the good options to do so. I also wanted to make my environment as clean as possible, so I installed virtualenv : virtualenv ipython_env/ source ipython_env/bin/activate Inside this environment, I ran the following pip command to install PyInstaller and IPython: pip install pyinstaller pip install ipython  Following  rgtk 's comment: , I created the following script: from IPython import embed embed() and called it From PyInstaller